desember 2013

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations Merry Christmas angels,Xoxo J

Pre x-mas outfit

My pre X-mas outfit in red and creme white. Red shirt from Camicie 7 at Storo shopping centre. (Sponsored)Xoxo J

X-mas mood

It was a nice Christmas mood at the streets if Oslo today with markeds...and I just couldn't go there without stop by Begian waffles - hot with warm chocholate over! :PXoxo J

It's a heart!

Do you see what I found when I was crossing the road?I found a heart in the asphalt! :D Love J


PRICELESS Some pictures for me is worth more than diamonds. Im so happy I finally found my old phone. Can't wait to show you some of the pictures I found. <3 Xoxo Happy Snappy :D


I had a great shopping experience at Casa Moda and by Malene Birger! :D As you can see I'm really in to sequin these days. It's Christmas, so why not. Dress from Rich&Royal at Casa Moda. Great...