september 2013

Goodiebag from dental clinic

Dental clinic Fjrvik is now open! So cozy! Here's some of the things I got in my goodiebag :)


Love apricot so much! I used to eat them from the tree at my grandparents garden when I was little ??????Now I'm enjoying the homemade apricot jam! Sunday feeling.. Xoxo J

New shoes?!

Need new shoes for the weekend? Im selling some of mine (not used)! Check out the sales ad HEREor go to and type in code: 44077117 A woman can NEVER have too many shoes, Xoxo J ;)

Unconditional love <3

Unconditional love Mery 1998-2013 My little angel, my baby.. You're gone now so suddenly, and yet I knew you where old. As much as I tryed to plant those thoughts in my mind that one day you'll ...


You gotta werk before you twerk! ;) #workout Now, shake it!! Xoxo J


Everybody need some coffee on a friday ;) Davidoff coffee is in stores now

Healthy breakfast

My healthy breakfast today was.. Oatmeal with acai powder, raspberries and walnuts :P

In my purse

Warm Sunday is not bad to be in September. Let's go for a walk with the doggie today! Check out whats in my purse.. It's Stellas Teddy bear! Lol ;) Outfit; jumper Cubus, top Oasis, bra Victoria's S...

One month

Today is exactly one month until my birthday, the day I came to life. But right now I'm not sure if I even want to think about my birthday when anothers life is gone...


Sometimes you can never be prepared for some of those things you know are about to happen.. As much as you want to it will be difficult to be prepared enought. So when it happens you'll found out y...

Only in Norway

While eating blueberry and cranberry for dessert afrer dinner we got a special visitor by our terrasse. A young moose had desided to come by!