That's why we are best friends

That's why we are best friends

Have you ever seen a group of friends who almost look the same? Or two friens wearing exactly same outfit? Well, I've been there myself! Wearing the same or almost the same outfit as my best friend is not uncommon for us.

I'm sure people who see us are thinking we've been planning this and calling each other in front of the meeting. Yes and no! Yes, we've been talking on the phone to plan the time and the place where to meet. But no, we've not been planning to wear the same outfits. It just happens! It's like out brains are syncronized.

I think this phenomenon is as usual as we are often very alike our friends. As simple as that. The way we're thinking is often the same as our closest friends. And maybe that's why we're more close to some friends than others.

Xoxo J

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