What is it with Hendrix?

What is it with Hendrix Hair??

I'm not sure if they had too much of a publicity from blogger? But of course Hendrix has paid bloggers with free hair extansions, so it will be good articles. But what about other people who's actually paying for hairdresser treatments? It seems like they don't like costumers at all, sadly.

When I was at Hendrix in Oscarsgate I wasn't satisfied with the colour Birgit Flnes did at all. So as a costumer I needed to tell her that. I'm so over this hairdressers who can not do their job properly. When they have to fix my hair over and over again it does ruins my hair. I don't want to make more damage on it then needed. So guess what, she took it personally and said that I was rude to her. Is it not normal to have an opinion on something you're paying a lot of money for?

Another time, I was speaking with Sara Wilhelmsen at Majorstuen over the phone. Then I was thinking, how rude can those people be? Why did I even bothered to call them? Never again!

-First, some of their hairdressers can't their subject. They're suppose to make people feeling fresh and pretty!

-Second, if you're telling them that you're not ok with the colour, they will say that you're rude.

-Third, it's ok to do what they're paid for. But have they ever learned how to interact with people and how to take care of a costumer?

I think some of them really need to take a couse in hairdressing and people relations.




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