That's why we are best friends

Have you ever seen a group of friends who almost look the same? Or two friens wearing exactly same outfit? Well, I've been there myself! Wearing the same or almost the same outfit as my best friend is not uncommon for us.

I'm sure people who see us are thinking we've been planning this and calling each other in front of the meeting. Yes and no! Yes, we've been talking on the phone to plan the time and the place where to meet. But no, we've not been planning to wear the same outfits. It just happens! It's like out brains are syncronized.

I think this phenomenon is as usual as we are often very alike our friends. As simple as that. The way we're thinking is often the same as our closest friends. And maybe that's why we're more close to some friends than others.

Xoxo J


I started the show Photo: Fashionista in Oslo/Hanne Ery
It's spring and it's show time. Kathrine Nrgrd has opened her first pop up store at Aker Brygge and the press were welcomed to se her FW15/16 collection. As always clothes was very feminine and elegant.
Hairstyling by Billy's Bumble & Bumble, Make up by Mac, pop up store location by Urban Jungle Real Estate
Photo: Fashionista in Oslo/Hanne Ery
All the models Photo: Fashionista in Oslo/Hanne Ery

Kathrines cute pop up store Photo: Fashionista in Oslo/Hanne Ery

Designer Kathrine NrgrdPhoto: Fashionista in Oslo/Hanne Ery

Photo: Fashionista in Oslo/Hanne Ery

Details and my feet :P Photo: Side2/Katinka Sletten

Taking snap before the show. Make up by Mac/Nathalie Panossian

Selfie time

Photo location at Billy's BB Hairdresser Salon
I hope you enjoy the photos, see you soon! ;)
Xoxo J

Hey guys!

It's been awhile since I've written here. From time to time I get questions about what happened. It's just that sometimes I've to prioritize other things than blog. A lot has happened since last time, but you can try to catch up with me by my Instagram account f.ex. Search for Julie_Sara as well as on Twitter @Julie_Sara. You're welcome! ;)

Xoxo J

Some things we take for granted.. I wish I could send them chocolate for their whole village! :D

Xoxo J :D


My outfit for today was inspired by Gossip Girl. Top and sunnies American Eagle Outfitters, skirt Ann Taylor, shoes Marc by Marc Jacobs, bag Louis Vuitton, bracelet from market in Barcelona, necklace I've made myself.
What do you guys think? :)
Xo xo ;-*

Since I only work out once in a while I make sure to have great exercise session. And what's better way to do it in the summer then outside! Breathe! ;)

Have a wonderfull weekend,
Xoxo J

My cute cozy office these days :D
#loveit #office #busy #business #work #cute #flowers #roses

Looks like easter bunny loves me! He came just "a bit" early this year. It's my first egg this year obviously! Lol! I must have been good this year! :D
Happy snappy little bunny,
Xoxo J

Spring colorish outfit. It's still cold outside. Just saying.
Jumper Tommy Hilfigher, vest Ricco Vero, sunglasses Polaroid, scarf unknown.
Stay cool (or warm!), lol
Xoxo J


Fresh breakfast at Bellas Hus in Oslo representing Missoni news 2014. Just some of their 1 000 pieces collection.

Love these trendy neon colors! Very cool!

A special piece you can use as a blanket and skarf/shawl while travelling

Big pillow back is in Golden Age Jewel-collection pattern. The pattern Missoni fashion house is dedicating to their 60th anniversary!

Flowers is trending this new collection for the season. Look at these stitches!

Classic Missoni Home bed

THE fabulous carpet! One of my faves!
(Small test piece on the picture).

Xoxo J


This time I didn't want to wear dress, si it was casual with top, black pants and stilettos.
Top Oasis, necklace Sno of Sweden, earrings Arts & Crafts, cocktail ring Kristine Vikse, nailpolish O.P.I. Heart Throb.
The make up I wanted to keep very simple. YSL Rouge Volupte nr.7 lipstick and Victoria's Secret lip gloss Shiny Kiss Taffy Go Lucky, matching tone in Diorblush Cheek Creme 851 Capri. A darker pressed powder blush from Dior was also used under cheekbones. Thick eyeliner only at upper side, by Cosmobeauty. Mascara Lancome Hypnose. But I used Lancomes Doll Eyes brush. A thin layer of eyeshadow from Guerelain 4 colors palette 8 Les Perles. Eyebrows filled using Dior powder eyebrow pencil 453 Sable Sand. Foundation Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 44 Beige Ambre.
(The dog Stella unfortunately had to stay home). Did you guys had a fun weekend?
Xoxo J&S

2nd time at the gym this year! Yeah! You better get started too, summer comes fast! ;)

Outfit; t-skirt Adidas, pants Victoria's Secret Pink

Have a nice weekend,
Xoxo Julie

Feeling pink, having pink in my everyday life comforts me. You're suppose to feel good after finishing applying make up. Sometimes once in a blue moon it just doesn't work for me. But at least I feel happy anyway using my pinky's!

Make up bag Victoria's Secret, morning coffee cup Hello Kitty, hairbrush Tangle Teezer, IPad mini single cover, cream blush Christian Dior "Diorblush cheek creme 851 Capri", eyelash curler Sephora, lipstick YSL Rouge Volupte 7 Lingerie Pink (smells and tastes amazing)
Xoxo, J ;)


My season premiere for workout is today! For the first time this year I'm finally hitting the gym. Hopefully you're getting inspired. Remember to eat well too :P
So let's kick that butt!!
Xoxo J


As many of us do know that prices on 2.55 Chanel bags and Lady Dior bags are rising every now and then, the new statistics has been made.

According to Wall Street Journal the prices on Chanel bags is 70% higher now then only 5 years ago. And that will be only $4,900/NOK 29450. Jimmy Choo's is now on $650/NOK 3907 compearing to $495/NOK 2975 before.

So if you've thought about buying a bag, do it now if you can. It is an investment.

Xoxo, J

Kathrine Nrgrd AW14 /Kathrine Norgard AW14

For the first time this elegant dress designer has lauched her ready-to-wear collection. The fabrics are still feminine and elegant style is still present. These pictures will speak for them self.

Together with stylist Tatiana Pettersen

Excited people at The Thief

Designer Kathrine herself

Our mood is on top, here together with jewellery designer Brre Olsen, model and earlier beauty pageant winner Kathrine Srland and writer Hanne Ery.


Xoxo Julie

I had so much fun at the Opera House these last days!

#ballett #ballerina #dance #opera #view #outfit

Stay tuned too see what I have up in my sleeve ;)
Xoxo J

Look how snow is sparkling today!

Christmas decorations

Merry Christmas angels,
Xoxo J

My pre X-mas outfit in red and creme white. Red shirt from Camicie 7 at Storo shopping centre.
Xoxo J

It was a nice Christmas mood at the streets if Oslo today with markeds.

..and I just couldn't go there without stop by Begian waffles - hot with warm chocholate over! :P

Xoxo J

Do you see what I found when I was crossing the road?

I found a heart in the asphalt! :D <3 Where the love is..there's hope <3
Love J <3


Some pictures for me is worth more than diamonds. Im so happy I finally found my old phone.

Can't wait to show you some of the pictures I found. <3

Xoxo Happy Snappy :D

I had a great shopping experience at Casa Moda and by Malene Birger! :D As you can see I'm really in to sequin these days. It's Christmas, so why not.

Dress from Rich&Royal at Casa Moda. Great shopping, I almost moved in to the store chatting with Victoria who's also an owner.

Pants from by Malene Birger. And guess what, I got the last one they has in the store in Hegdehaugsveien. And at Eger it's sold out. I got good help from the ladies at Eger to find this last one.

U like my new in? ;)

Xoxo J


In these days the preparation for LV exhibition is happening in Moscow. The luxury brand are collaborating with The Naked Heart Foundation. So the income from exhibition will go to the charity to children of Russia. All children should be children. Foundation was started and are driven by russian super model Natalia Vodianova.

Exhibition is opening the 2nd of December in the middle of Moscow on Red Square.

(Bilde er tatt hos Spalt PR)

Natalia on the cover of Harper's Bazaar this year

Will you be there?

Xoxo J

Fred Hamelten releases his fab eyebrow products these days! And I was lucky to get an appointment this week! Love my "new" eyebrows :D

Xoxo J

What is it with Hendrix Hair??

I'm not sure if they had too much of a publicity from blogger? But of course Hendrix has paid bloggers with free hair extansions, so it will be good articles. But what about other people who's actually paying for hairdresser treatments? It seems like they don't like costumers at all, sadly.

When I was at Hendrix in Oscarsgate I wasn't satisfied with the colour Birgit Flnes did at all. So as a costumer I needed to tell her that. I'm so over this hairdressers who can not do their job properly. When they have to fix my hair over and over again it does ruins my hair. I don't want to make more damage on it then needed. So guess what, she took it personally and said that I was rude to her. Is it not normal to have an opinion on something you're paying a lot of money for?

Another time, I was speaking with Sara Wilhelmsen at Majorstuen over the phone. Then I was thinking, how rude can those people be? Why did I even bothered to call them? Never again!

-First, some of their hairdressers can't their subject. They're suppose to make people feeling fresh and pretty!

-Second, if you're telling them that you're not ok with the colour, they will say that you're rude.

-Third, it's ok to do what they're paid for. But have they ever learned how to interact with people and how to take care of a costumer?

I think some of them really need to take a couse in hairdressing and people relations.




It's thursday and time for throwback. Here's some inspo if you're going soon ;) #throwbackthursday

Outfit: top Oasis, skirt Versace, bra Victoria's Secret, bag Just Cavalli, wedges/sandals Ralph Lauren

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